Baptism, Marriage or Funeral?


What does it mean?

Baptism is a life stage in the church and in your relationship with God where you take a step of commitment towards God. In the Anglican Church it is an opportunity as a parent to make a commitment for your child to commit their life to God. This involves helping your child grow in their faith. Their are also other steps for children such as first holy communion and confirmation as they grow and want to learn more about God.

Pastor Colin is happy to take your child for baptism, first holy communion or confirmation if these are things you think you and your child are interested in doing.



Marriage is a great celebration and a time to spend cherishing one another with the help of God and the church family. If you are thinking about marriage Pastor Colin would love to have a chat with you to discuss what you would like to do.



Unfortunately throughout life we lose the ones we love. If you have lost someone recently and what a special service to remember and cherish who they were please do not hesitate to give the parish office a call and we can arrange a service for you and your loved ones.