What does it mean to be a Christian?

Being a Christian is not about going to church or doing the right thing. It is about recognising and believeing that their is a God and that He wants a relationship with each person.

When you start to believe in God it doesn’t mean having all the answers as there are no Christians who have all the answers. It is about together exploring your faith and starting to answer the questions as a community.

If you have not heard about who God is and why he sent his son Jesus then why not come along to church one week and find out more or you can read a bit about what we believe below:

1. Firstly we see everyday and are to know that we live in a world that was created by an almighty God. God wanted us to live peacefully looking after the earth for Him.


2. Long ago we broke that promise and decided to go our own way. This thing called sin was created and now our relationship with God is broken.


3. That is why God sent Jesus so that we do not have to suffer and be alone but we can be with God forever – even after we die.


4. All it takes is making a decision to follow God and say to him yes I want to be in a relationship you and I have accepted what your Son has done on the cross for me and everyone else. Once you have asked for God’s help then it doesn’t finish there. We as a church community are here to support you and encourage you to learn more about God and yourself and grow closure to Him.

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