Other Events

Throughout the year we have some special events happening.

Mother’s Day

We love to celebrate mother’s day. Each year we have a big celebration as we try to serve the local mothers at church as we dress up and have some fun activities and a big yummy morning tea. Join us at our combined Mother’s day service at 8am in May.

Father’s Day

Just like Mother’s day we love to celebrate the man of the house on Father’s Day each year. All the father’s come on down to church and get spoilt with treats and funny games and costumes. Join us this September at church at 8am for our big annual celebration of men and fathers.

Christmas Carols

This is the church’s biggest event of the year with a massive gathering of people from Bardon and beyond in the local Bowman Park. Food, bands, fireworks and the beautiful Christmas story can all be witnessed every December on the 1st Sunday. Come along with over 1000 people this Christmas season and celebrate the reason for the season!


We love our Easter services. There are lots on offer from Ash Wednesday (the beginning of Lent in February) all the way through to that amazing day when we remember Jesus’ sacrifice. Want to explore the Easter story with us and get some easter eggs?

Youth Events

We have a range of various youth events from youth group to live music nights and much more. Check out the youth page for more details.